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Directions to Fountainhead Regional Park


Driving to Fountainhead Regional Park is an art, not a science. There are several ways to go. Below are directions in several forms. Use what you feel most comfortable with.

Professional Help

Here are several sources of maps and directions. All take you to the gate of the park. The entrance is like a long driveway. There is only one paved road in the park. When you get to the entrance, you have made it. Just drive in .6 miles.

  • Google Maps - This map has both the park entrance and the start/finish/parking marked.
  • Your GPS:
    • By Address: Try "10875 Hampton Road, Fairfax Station, VA 22039." That went to the correct place on our Garmin. This takes you to the park entrance.
    • By Coordinates: N 38° 43.485' W077° 19.799' Those coordinates take you to the start/finish/parking.
  • Mapquest - This map has the park entrance marked. Just drive in .6 mile from there.

Written Directions From Most Points North and East

If coming from a place like Arlington, the instructions below take a longer way that most of the links above will send you. We think this way is simpler and involves fewer signals, but they may be a couple of minutes slower - unless you are unlucky at signals!

Take I-95 south from the Beltway to the Lorton Exit (Exit 163). At the end of the exit ramp, turn right onto Lorton Road. Go about 1.2 miles on Lorton Road. Furnace Road (Route 611) will come in from your left. After about 200 yards, Furnace Road will go off to your right. Take Furnace Road to your right. (It's a "soft" right turn. You really just bear right.)

If you miss Furnace Road, stay on Lorton Road to Route 123 and turn right. You will still get there, but you will add a mile or two to your trip.

Once on Furnace Road, there is a narrow bridge, but then it becomes a regular road. Go straight through the signal at Hoos Road. The next signal is Route 123. Turn right on 123.

You go north on 123 for about 1.2 miles. There are now several signals along the way. (Note: Shopping center on right has a Starbucks.) Look for signal with a sign for Hampton Road and another brown sign for "Fountainhead Regional Park." Also, look for a fire station on the northwest corner of the intersection. Turn left there.

Take Hampton for 3.2 miles to the park entrance on the left. (Look for a large sign.)

From within Fairfax County and Points West:

Take Route 123 south of the City of Fairfax approximately 10 miles, turn right on Hampton Road (look for brown sign pointing to the park) and drive 3.2 miles to park entrance on left (again look for brown sign). (You can get on 123 directly from I-66 or you can take the Fairfax County Parkway and get off on Ox Road which is 123 at that point.)

From the South

Take I-95 north toward Washington, DC and get off at Exit 160, Route 123, in Occoquan. Take 123 North for about 5 miles to Hampton Road. (Look for the brown sign for "Fountainhead Regional Park.") Turn left on Hampton and go 3.2 miles to the park entrance on the left. (Look for another brown sign.)

Once in the Park

Drive in a little over a half mile. The parking lot and trailhead are on the right, just after the maintenance yard. You can't miss it. If you get to the Occoquan River, you have gone too far!

Map to Fountainhead Regional Park

Not to Scale!

Map to Fountainhead Regional Park